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Dear Families and Friends,
Great Hearts Texas is a public charter school network dedicated to providing a comprehensive liberal arts education. We offer an outstanding opportunity for families who want the very best in a K-12 college preparatory school.

Great Hearts Texas is a sister network to Great Hearts Arizona and its sixteen academies. These schools have a history of exceeding private and public schools with outstanding academic outcomes, comprehensive arts and athletics programs, and the moral formation of its teachers and students. We commissioned the name “Great Hearts” for our organization because we never want to lose sight of our ultimate purpose: to graduate great-hearted scholars, magnanimous young men and women with the capacity for the meaningful leadership that our culture so desperately needs.

Together, the Great Hearts Academies are setting a new standard and purpose for public K-12 education. Our schools believe in each student’s innate potential to comprehend the rich tradition of Western Civilization to which they are heirs and to grow in the virtues that mark a profound, philosophical life — summarized by the triad of our Latin motto: verum, pulchrum, bonum — truth, beauty, and goodness.

Great Hearts Texas will first open schools in San Antonio and then, if approved by the state for further charters, in Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

We invite interested families and stakeholders to learn more about the purpose and practices of a Great Hearts education.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Peter Bezanson, President, Great Hearts|Texas

Dr. Daniel Scoggin, CEO, Great Hearts America
Great Hearts Texas Board of Directors: Daniel Scoggin, Ward Huseth, Victoria Rico & Roberto Gutierrez